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Asset Pack

GHG Original colored hompage

The original concept of the home page included a more colorful header and aspects of a gradian “blob” that referenced viruses or cells. Each color would focus on a specific article category.  


GHG live website desgin style


With any sort of design, the iteration process is quite intensive. Through out the life cycle of a project design rounds touch multiple stakeholders, designers, producers, and programmers.Very rarely does the first design round make the final cut and when the public/live work arrives it can look vastly different from the original ideation. My revision of the Grey Health Group site borrowed from a previous round and ended up being a bit more light hearted. Final website is still pretty nice but has taken on a darker, more conservative, and corporate health look.


Design system and mobile layout

The entire website was layout out both desktop and mobile for the team to review the flow. A design system of colors, logos, and text treatment was created so production of new content could be expedited.


Get In Touch

Please feel free to reach out! I am open to discuss collaborations, speaking engagements, work with Google Marketing Technology, training sessions for project management, and more...


Zachary A. Martz