Manus X Machina at the Met and More

The idea was simple, Mikey and I would goto the Manus x Machina exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on mother's day morning to avoid the crowds. We also viewed Pergamon marble work and Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun paintings among our short meandering path between the lot.

Manus X Machina at the Met

One of my favs Paul Cézanne

Fun fact, one of my favorite artists is Paul Cezanne. I was delighted to stumble across one of his paintings in the Princeton University Art Museum on my day out with Benjamin.

paul cezanne princeton

The Armory Show 2016

The Armory Show 2016 ~ the opulence pursuit of an artistic income wrapped in Afrocentric marketing and the allure of a selfie driven experience.

derecognized alba and zach normal

Aesop to Armory Show Contest Winner

Thank You Aesop for tickets to the Armory Show 2016. It was a fun little contest email and I'm glad I took the chance and entered to win. Check back on the weekend for a review!

aesop armory show contest

ZAM87 Type-find

Found these stencils on one of my Williamsburg/Bedford Ave walks. I’m having some great luck finding cool random type. | ©®™ | Read Insta-comments ->...

ZAM87 Typo-find

One of my cool typography finds in BK, just some address letters and numbers. Found at the “Junk” store on Driggs Ave. I did have to do some digging to find the “A” (worth it). | ⭐️⚠️?| Read Insta-comments ->...