Puppy hijack of Connolly

Ken let me stay at his apartment to order some takeout and play/watch the puppy he was sitting. The pups name is Connolly!

me with Puppy hijack of Connolly

Happy Hartz

A lovely weekend brunch with Hannah at a little spot in Soho colored all Pink. We surly were happy hartz.

Happy Hartz at Pietro Nolita

Happy holiday party One Medical Plus 1

I have to say I was pretty impressed with this holiday party. One of the best I have been to and I am not even employed by One Medical. I guess it was good luck to be a +1 at this event.

One Medical Holiday Party

Birthday Bracelet from my Boyfriend new Miansai

My wonderful boyfriend Angel surprised me for my birthday with a Miansai Bracelet. I have always loved this brand but this was my first bracelet from them. Receiving my first Miansai bracelet as a gift made it even more special.

Miansai from Angel for my Birthday